Calendar 2021-2022

Dates Events & Holidays Location
September 2 Orientation Night Lethbridge Play & Learn
September *M/W/F classes – 8, 10, 13
*T/Th classes– 7, 9, 14, 16
Lethbridge Play & Learn Classes Start
*(1/2 classes)
Lethbridge Play & Learn
October 11 Thanksgiving Day No School
October 20-21 Walk-A-Thon Lethbridge Play & Learn
November 3 & 4 Individual class pictures Lethbridge Play & Learn
November 11-12 Remembrance Day No School
December 20 – January 3 Christmas Holidays No School
January 4-7 Bottle Drive Ability Bottle Depot – South
January 18 Pre-Registration for 2020-2021
(Present and Past Families)
Lethbridge Play & Learn
January 25

Registration Night 2020-2021
(New Families)

Lethbridge Play & Learn
February/March TBA Second Fundraiser Lethbridge Play & Learn
February 21-25 Family Week Break No School
March (TBA)
Based on Restrictions
Board Sponsored Family Swim Night Nicholas Sheran Pool
April 15-22 Easter Holidays No School
May 23 Victoria Day No School
June 23/24 Last Day of School Family Picnics

*Please note that for both M/W/F and T/Th classes the first classes in September, are split in half with children attending with one parent on their assigned day. For the T/Th classes, the next week of classes will also still have the students split into 1/2 classes with only the children attending. This will hopefully allow the 3 year olds to gradually ease into their new classroom surroundings.