Lethbridge Play and Learn Preschool was the most amazing place to have my children begin their educational journeys. It is a preschool full of educational opportunities and wonder. Both of my sons went through this program and were all the better for it. When each of my sons entered kindergarten, we had teachers and other parents ask specifically if our boys went to Lethbridge Play and Learn, or where they went to preschool because they were so well prepared to start school. Play and Learn is an excellent preschool program, and being a teacher myself, I would highly recommend it to everyone!
-Melanie Nishikawa
Our family has been immeasurably blessed by our association with Lethbridge Play and Learn Preschool. We are continually amazed at the things our children learn at preschool, ideas we would have considered far too advanced for 3 and 4 year olds! Our parent co-operative responsibilities require only what help we would be happy to provide anyway. The benefit of involvement in the classroom is that we have had the opportunity to witness and appreciate the teachers ideal balance of warmth and structure, patience and challenge. We simply could not have given our children a better introduction to their school years.
-Tony and Christy Jansma
Our daughter had an amazing experience at Play and Learn…we couldn’t believe how she could learn so much while having so much fun and making great friends. We also thought the amount of parent involvement expected was perfect, allowing us to be involved with our child’s first school experience and giving us an opportunity to know and befriend other families.
-Trevor and Charmaine Martens